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Any Tips to Cure Yeast Infection? We do however stand by our products and will refund you completely if our products don’t meet your expectations, as Individual results may vary from individual to individual. We vow to be with you every step of the way on the road to Health and Freedom that manifests each day! As a result, the lung tissue is slowly destroyed.

Numerous herbs, homeopathic ingredients and supplements are being studied globally for improving lung function and balancing your respiratory system. Any Herbal Products for Emphysema Treatment? Conventional treatment has no cure for emphysema. The development of Emphysema is a very gradual process.

Clinical studies to observe the therapeutic effects of herbs in Emphysema have concluded that herbs may lower pulmonary hypertension, preserve vessel endothelial cells and lessen the inflammatory reaction in pulmonary tissue. If the physician suspects Emphysema, he may first perform a complete physical examination, carefully examining the shape of the chest. Add 30-40 leaves of Basil in a liter of water, strain the leaves and drink the water throughout the day.

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You may view our ground breaking evidence based full spectrum lung health kits here. Money Back Guarantee is Valid for 90 days. Utmost care is taken to ensure purity and optimum quality. Are there any Herbal Acne Treatment Products?

Information provided on this website has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. How to Detox from Alcohol Naturally? We, in abiding by the law make no claims of a miracle cure or permanent results. Life can never be reduced to a series of chemical reactions as chemical reactions cannot create life.

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Oxygen therapy and pulmonary rehabilitation are other procedures which are used in this condition. Bronchodilators are often used as rescue medication to open the airway passages. Over a period of time, these enzymes lead to loss of the proteins that help maintain the elasticity of lungs. Our message is one of love, not hate.

Biogetica recognizes this and balances the ENTIRE BEING, bringing mind, body and soul into harmony. Your results may vary and we will walk with you every step of the way, on the journey from dis-ease to ease. In healthy individuals, there is a substance in the lungs called Alpha-1-antitrypsin. Emphysema occurs due to destruction of the alveolar tissue. Testimonials represent a cross section of the range of outcomes that appear to be typical with these products. Nigella Sativa: Popularly known as Black Cumin, the extracts or seeds of this plant have so many therapeutic properties that traditional medicinal systems term it as a panacea of all health issues.

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The damage to the air sacs and the obstruction of the bronchioles are the root causes of this condition. At times, steroids may be prescribed by doctors to reduce lung inflammation. We thank those who share their stories in order to help others in the same predicament.

Ayurveda, TCM and Homeopathy have a long history, supported by modern research of potentially benefiting the structure and function of your lungs. We don’t claim to cure or treat any disease, but vow to be with you every step of the way, to ease. Biogetica brings them into your life from the far corners of this earth in a unique set of products and services designed to accompany you back to health and wellness. However, you’re welcome to take these herbs to improve your lung function. APPEAL TO THE BALANCING FORCES INHERENT IN ALL NATURE: Life cannot be recreated with chemical interactions and there is much more to life than molecular interactions. Very often, blood is also tested for levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

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Inhaled corticosteroids only provide symptomatic relief and do not address the root cause of the problem. Over a period of time, it leads to inflammation and tissue destruction. Switzerland supports insurance payments for Homeopathy. Our lungs are normally very spongy and elastic. However, there are many medications to relieve symptoms and assuage the damage.

The complementary advice of our practitioners who are considered Homeopathic and Ayurvedic Doctors in some jurisdictions does not replace the medical advice given by your primary care physician. 3 spinach juice, 3 times a day. Individual results may vary from individual to individual. Biogetica therapies are designed to appeal to the balancing forces apparent in all nature by reminding and stimulating the body towards a certain function. Nature has blessed the Earth with natural remedies and healing mechanisms. In suspected cases, blood is also screened for genetic diseases like alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency.

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Is there a Cure for Cataract? Ayurvedic Doctors to boost your lung health by clicking here. How do Biogetica Doctors formulate their Lung Health Protocols?

Quitting smoking, avoiding exposure to pollutants and irritants as well as exercise under supervision are the major lifestyle interventions vital to the management to the disease. People suffering from bronchial asthma or chronic bronchitis are at a higher risk of Emphysema. Emphysema refers to a progressively degenerative condition where lungs lose their elasticity as the alveolar walls get destroyed.

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Only Biogetica Doctors have access to our unique line of groundbreaking, precedent setting, all natural products consisting of evidence based ayurvedic herbs, advanced resonance homeopathic ingredients and nutraceuticals. We at Biogetica vow to be with you every step of the way on the road to health and freedom that manifests each day. Lung functioning declines with age, so older people are more prone to develop Emphysema. Any Research on Herpes Cure in 2018?

Any Natural Products for Sinus Infection Treatment? People who have a family history of Emphysema are at a higher risk of developing it. Homeopathy is medicine in USA but only for OTC issues. The reduced expansion of the lungs during the next breath reduces the amount of air that is inhaled. It would be wise not to ignore them.

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Take tablespoon in 1 cup of water for relief. Consult With one of our Homeopathic or Ayurvedic Specialists Now! Our remedies have been traditionally used in Ayurveda and Homeopathy for centuries. Generally Ayurveda is only accepted as medicine in India.

It is an irreversible state, but the progression of the disease can often be slowed down with correct lifestyle changes and appropriate medication. Any Natural Treatment for Trigeminal Neuralgia? Herbs, Supplements, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Meditation and Pranayama are all believed to help keep your Respiratory System healthy! No cure or treatment claim can be made in countries that do not support TCM, Ayurveda and Homeopathy.

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In Emphysema, the lungs lose their elasticity and become dilated with air. The exact reason for this is unknown, but differences between male and female hormones are suspected. Helping the lungs is of obvious importance here and there is no lack of prior use or modern evidence to show that nature can benefit your lungs. The immune cells of the lungs are constantly triggered to release destructive enzymes to combat the bacterial infection.

Air pollution irritates the airways in a manner similar to cigarette smoke. All our products are made in FDA and WHO compliant GMP certified Laboratories in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, USA, India and New Zealand. Now is a great moment to start the journey back to health and freedom! Shortness of Breath – Gradual accumulation of mucus leads to blockage of the airways and further inflammation, causing breathlessness. These testimonials are unsolicited and unedited except for the name of the sender.

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The counter-irritant effect of the poultice can be enhanced by dusting mustard powder over it. Our Full spectrum kits are a synergistic combination of evidence based natural solutions that will potentially lead you back to health and freedom. They contain the senders’ initials or first name only for purposes of privacy. Blood tests – These may be done to check the white blood-cell count, which increases during an acute infection.

The product’s claims are based only on theories of homeopathy from the 1700s that are not accepted by most modern medical experts. These are actual letters from many we were able to help over the years. Also, antibiotics are also used when there is respiratory infection involved.