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I also recently started to massage my baby to loosen up mucus. This is a personal favorite for dry, tickly coughs.

I know it sounds like ingredients for a salsa of some sort but that’s really what they used which today my dear mother still uses to treat herself. His prescription was lots and lots of hot fluids.

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Hi Robin I bumped into your site while searching relief for my dry tickling and hacking cough. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2014, Issue 11. It is such a relief to see this thread.

I nasal wash at least daily and use Nasonex spray daily. It turned out to be moderate to severe allergies to almost everything but mold. Just as surprised to see her slugging it down happily now. I cough in the morning, afternoon and evening.

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I’ll be trying the massage and vapor rub tonight. However – trees, grasses, weeds, dogs, cats, dust mites as well as oral allergy syndrome all instantly turned positive once I had a skin prick test. I feel so bad no one has told you this easy fix. I don’t know if Vicks 44 helps with the cough, I don’t think it does, but it makes my irritated throat feel better.

It could be that something has changed in the sinuses between then and now, since the massive coughing is new as of three months ago, but both the current internist and allergist haven’t suggested an ENT. The primary care guy didn’t do it for me. According to Chester, more than 200,000 endoscopic sinus surgeries are performed each year in the United States using a technique considered less invasive and much safer than older methods. Staying away from all dairy products is definitely helpful as they increase mucus production. It feels like something is tickling the back of my throat and I have to cough otherwise I cannot breathe.

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The only other thing that seems to help sometimes is giving up the cough meds for a night and turning to a bottle of champagne instead. Coughing can be a sign of something serious, be sure you see a doctor that checks you over carefully if you’re lucky enough to have one who listens. Another simple cough calming method is the original peppermint Altoids mints. About twice a year I’ll start with a little cold and then this cough that lasts for weeks to months. According to Chinese medicine, applying pressure to specific points on the ear has a healing effect on the body.

Hi there, I have had a persistent dry cough for over a year now. I have been struggling with my baby’s persistent coughing since he was a month old . It has been going on now for almost three years. Every year, with the cold weather, I get a cold that progresses into brochithis.

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For that reason, I suggest working with a practitioner so they can monitor the use for your particular situation. In Chinese medicine, excess mucus is considered a form of dampness. TCM, rich foods tend to create dampness, i. Also, a few acupuncture treatments might do wonders. I now take zyrtec, flonase and singulair and after about a month, the symptoms went away. It’s really good for the bad cough at night.

Have any of you considered being tested for Whooping Cough? Try benadryl its best cough syrup i have seen ever you will feel relaxed in 3 days. That is truely how we can keep our kids happy and healthy.

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He is also using acupuncture to relieve the sinus issue. It would go straight down into the lungs so I would have to hack for a half hour or so afterwards. If that don’t work go back to the doctor.

NOTE: if your baby is breastfeeding or drinking cow’s milk formula as the main source of their calories, do not eliminate dairy. But it’s nice to know I’m not the only one having such a hard time with this cough. I just started taking it, so will post again with an update. She just leans over the sink and gently squeezes the water into her nose until it comes out the other nostril.

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I hated it and never noticed any improvement, so I stopped. Nasal irrigation helps, but I am afraid to do this too often–I heard it isn’t safe to do this more than twice a week, but I do this twice a day out of necessity. How much Saline do you put in the nebulizer? 7 Ways to Calm a Cough – Webinar on Medigogy. They took the research a bit further and in the next study found that a fungicide was effective in decreasing inflammation and nasal swelling among participants suffering from chronic sinusitis.

It has been used for thousands of years. I got lazy about the Flonase over the past week or so and am now sick again, but the Astelin and Xyzal are helpful. I had more to the story which I tried to post as a reply but for some reason it just disappears into cyberspace.

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Avoid dairy products as much as possible, this helps to some extent because many people say that dairy exacerbates the production of mucus and can make mucus thicker. Massage for Cough In Chinese medicine, acupressure and massage techniques can treat a cough not matter what type it is: wet, dry, hacking or croupy. Although antifungals may be more effective than antibiotics–antibiotics make fungal infections worse–there are other steps you can take to lessen your risk of sinus infections by getting at the underlying cause. I am a homeopathic doctor in Germany and I recommend my patients often black radisch arranged with honey for some hours. I do use oil of oregano with children in specific situations where it is needed.

5, 1 or 2 teaspoon depending on age. I have not done that yet because we are replacing our bed and since it’s a king size, it is a huge pain to wrap it. When it comes to the ordinary, annoying cough, Western medicine doesn’t really have any great solutions that are both safe and effective. TIP: Don’t buy honey cough syrups from the drug store. I believe that there is a different solution for many of us though getting rid of dust mites will help.

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You can buy Humabid at the drugstore now without a prescription. I have lost my sense of smell and taste because of this. A couple of years ago, I was on vacation and developed a bad cough and DH called a doctor into the hotel. Thought quitting would help this but it appears to be getting worse.

But he’s not with me all the time, and I know what my triggers are, I just don’t know how to control it. But after antibiotics, inhalers, and cough syrups of all kinds. I have definitely noticed an improvement since my allergy was discovered, at least in the sense that I now have more “normal” days than “sick” days. Best of luck to all of you. I can say the same from my homeopathic practice in Gemany about elimination and reintroduction of dairy. I have had a blood test done which came back fine.

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The second is to suck on a whole clove, which takes away the tickle and works better than any cough drop. We both have done most of the stuff described above with mixed results. I’ve also noticed that there is esophageal acid in my throat and, putting two and two together, realize that the Tums neutralizes the acid and the nasal drip slows. This sounds strange, but it works.

There are humidity levels readers at the store for those ineterested. Pasteurized dairy products that come from cows have a different composition and chemical make up than breast milk and can be harder for a baby to digest and can more frequently cause extra phlegm to form. When I was running, my friends would have running noses, but not me. Eliminate Dairy Why give up dairy? We got our Zpacs, which did nothing.