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Note: Once a patient has received electrical therapy all ventricular drugs should then be followed by another shock. Transport   Perform assessment every 5 minutes. Advice the victim to seek legal aid.

Perform emergency move if scene is not safe to EMS and patient. Keep your back to the exit. Priority burns: Less than 5 years of age and over 55 years of age.

Place glove hand over broken segment then stabilize with blanket, pillow, bulky dressing. If amniotic sac still intact, rupture and remove from fetus’ face. SEPTIC is when correct to use legs but not abdomen section. But only with medical control permission.

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Be prepared for Cushing’s: Slow pulse, high BP, erratic respirations, projectile vomiting, widening pulse pressure. When controlling bleeding be careful not to apply excessive pressure to a open skull fracture. No not administer anesthetic drops if outer layers have been ruptured. Removing object in same direction it entered. Warm IV bags to 96-104 degrees. Perform 2 minutes of immediate CPR.

Warm and humidify the oxygen being delivered. EMS will follow patients request for transport even if transport is unnecessary. If history of past seizures and not responding as expected like previous seizures transport. Then attach controller and battery to bike. Wash the wound with soap and water. If you suspect epiglottitis in a 3 year old to 7 year old do not try to visualize the oral cavity.

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Most practical deliver position: Supine with knees drawn up to chest. Never sweep an unconscious adult, child or infant for an object if you cannot see it. If unresponsive or confused and no trauma place in recovery position. Always try to keep the child and parent together in arms reach. PASG may be indicated for abdominal and pelvis bleeding to provide direct pressure and shock. Note: Most common adult seizure reason is not taking anti-seizure medication.

If you suspect generalized cold emergency go to Hypothermia protocol. If bleeding or shock go to Bleeding and Shock protocol. Apply dressing and bandage to keep avulsed tissue in place. Remove only if impaled in cheek and obstructing airway. Be careful not to apply excessive pressure to an open skull fracture.

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2 to 5 mg loading dose may repeat. Foot to foot, foot to arm, arm to arm most common. If BS low and Glucose or Glucagon administration works do not give Narcan.

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See Bleeding and Shock protocol for indications and contraindications. If BP low and heart rate fast suspect hypovolemic shock. Do they have a gun, or drugs to overdose on, or a plan. Control bleeding and treat patient first. Glucagon 1mg IM if no IV and unresponsive.

Contact medical control for further orders. Note: Epinephrine is given on its own time schedule. Have a trained profession in abuse interview the patient.

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Control bleeding from tooth socket with gauze pad. If hemodynamically unstable, synchronize cardioversion at 0. Perform ongoing assessment every 5 minutes. IV bags to splint flailed segments. Range: 20 Miles on level, hard surface with 150 Lb.

Over the next 5-10 breaths, slowly adjust the rate and deliver tidal volume until adequate minute volume. Document that a witness observed the situation. 5 for child and 1mg for adolescent. How simple to electrify your cycle? Too difficult and not very accurate in EMS. Any complaint in the abdominal area should be evaluated by a doctor.

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If staying around 25 a minute stimulate. At this point fluid may bee diluting blood too much. Epinephrine 1mg every 3-5 minutes or Vasopressin  40 U IV bolus given once.

With medical control permission you may leave them with a family member. Avoid rough handling and do not allow to walk around. Mouth to mask with one way valve. Severe cases:  May mix albuterol with Atrovent.

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Tilting patient may lead to cardiac arrest V-Fib. Penetrating injury: Strong suspicion of spinal injury based on location of injury. If not good fit, you need to do airway skills, or cannot immobilize in a neutral position remove helmet. Consider repeat dose of 150mg in 3-5 minutes. SHOULD BE BREATHING AT 60 A MINUTE OR MORE.

Do not try to remove an object in the ear. Impaled object stabilize in place after controlling bleeding. Rapid transport patient and notify receiving facility of situation. Place in cup of sterile water or wrap in gauze soaked in saline. If both feet or butt, prepare for deliver.

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Vasopressin 40 U IV bolus given once. 5mg IV every 3-5 minutes to max dose of 0. Or apply long board splints and place on back board. Indications: Any unresponsive patient without history of MOI. If suspected hemo do not decompress.

If bradycardic consider TCP as soon as possible. DO NOT DELAY CARE TO VALIDATE THE DNR. Apply moist sterile dressing to both eyes. Avoid letting the patient walk to ambulance. Do not allow to eat or drink stimulants.

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Note: Inflate or deflate PASG only with medical control permission. Glucagon for diabetic seizures do not give Valium. If breathing difficulty is present go to General Difficulty Breathing Protocol to maintain airway if needed then return to this protocol. Get their psychiatrist staff or family member on the phone or to the scene.

5mg 1:1000 sublingual injection: administer as soon as possible. Avoid alcohol, kerosene, gasoline, metal poisoning because charcoal will  not bind. If an EMS worker shows  signs they should be directed to a stress management course. Remember to check for a pulse after each shock. Maintain manual c-spine support if head and neck injury suspected or unknown. 3 does not acutely overload hydrate.